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IGN: DeadlyWoods
7 months ago

Discord Rules:

- Do not spam unless its for #counting

- Don't harass anyone in any way

- If there is drama among you and another player handle it privately

- If you need official support from Mercurium Staff use our ticket system with !new

Forum Rules:

- Do not spam anywhere on the forums (Private Messages or Forums)

- Use the proper category for your proper thread

- Do not beg for anything on forums

- Do not harass anyone on forums or the website as a whole

- 1 Account per person

Server Rules

- No hacking / exploiting

- No alts are aloud

- Do not harass anyone or beg for anything in-game

- No real value money scamming (PayPal, Donation Store Coupons/GC)


Mercurium Staff is not responsible if you do lose PayPal or IRL money. Failing to follow these simple rules may result in a permanent ban from our services (Discord/Website/Server). The rules may be changed without notice.

Server Owner